14 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

Blogging is a great way to get your name out there and share information with the world. But, unfortunately, it's also an excellent tool for search engine optimization! So, if you're thinking about blogging but don't know where to start, this blog post will give you some helpful tips for writing a blog. We'll talk about 14 ways that are easy enough for anyone - no experience necessary!

Determine If Blogging Is Right For You

Once you've decided that it's something you want to do, pick a topic! Write about what excites and inspires you - maybe even have fun with your blog name by incorporating this into your theme. The best blogs are written from the heart or based on personal experience.

Stick To A Consistent Blogging Schedule

Let's talk about blogging frequency... how often should you publish a blog post? Every day is too much, but once per week isn't enough. Our personal preference is to blog at least twice per week, but three times can be ideal if you're starting out and still trying to build up your audience/following. Determine how often you'll blog and stick to that schedule. If it's weekly, be consistent (and predictable) about your publishing date and time.

Think About Your Reader

When writing a blog post, think of the reader first! What do they want to know? How can you make this relevant or exciting for them? Will they learn something new? Then, always bring quality content that answers the reader's question.

They are searching for answers in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and your blog needs to answer their question accurately. Therefore, when researching for your blog, be sure to use authoritative sites and make sure to fact-check.

Proofread Your Blog

Make sure to proofread your blog post. You don't want typos or grammatical errors! It will reflect poorly on you and turn people away from your site. Also, you will lose credibility with your reader if you have several grammatical errors throughout the article.

Check out Grammarly to help you edit and rewrite your blog posts. Grammarly has a free chrome extension that you can add to your browser. It will also integrate with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and they even have their own writing space!

Communicate With Your Readers

If someone mentions your name or shares one of your posts on social media, thank them! It's not always easy for people to find the time, but it goes a long way and can help in the future when they're thinking about who to follow. Little things like replying to a reader can pay dividends in the long run. Who knows? They might tell others about your blog or your business.

If someone leaves a comment or asks a question about something in your blog post, respond! This is a great way to build relationships and show your readers that you're invested in their feedback.

Write Search Engine Optimized Content

Write blog posts that will rank highly on Google! If you want people to visit your site, make sure keywords are sprinkled throughout so search engines know what it's all about. Search engine optimization is an essential detail for blog writing. Check out SurferSEO, like Grammarly. SurferSEO has a free Chrome extension that will help you find keyword traffic.

In addition, they have an outline generator to help you with your H1, H2, and H3 headings! Finally, SurferSEO does have monthly packages that will audit your current site for SEO keywords that will help you rank. Of course, the more traffic you get to your blog, the higher your website will rank, so make sure you write SEO-friendly content!

Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Once you've published your blog post, promote it on social media! Your followers will be happy to see that you're blogging and may even share the content with their friends. This is great for growing your reach!

Stay active on social media, too! When someone comments about one of your posts, don't forget to like or reply with something relevant to engage them further. You want people to know they've been heard - it's the best way to earn their trust and loyalty!

Stay On Topic

When blogging, keep the content focused on your theme. This will help people find you when searching for topics or keywords related to what you write about. They'll know that if they come to your site, it's going to be relevant information - no chance of wasting time!

Be Real And Leave Out The Fluff

One of the best pieces of blogging advice we can give is to be real. People can spot an article that's just been written for Google ranking a mile away! Be yourself and share your experience with people - you never know who might need what you have to say. Leave out the fluff and try not to repeat yourself. Every part of the blog should be helpful for the reader. Successful blogging is a mixture of authentic writing and SEO-optimized content.

Use Authoritative Sources

Make sure to use authoritative sites and make sure to fact check. This is the best way for people to trust what you're saying! Be sure to use external links to show the search engines that your content is factual. At a minimum, be sure to add two external links to your blog posts. The more, the better, but linking external links will help drive more traffic to your blog.

Use Internal Links To Your Site

In addition, use internal links to your site! These can help readers find related content and give search engines a better idea of what you're all about. Every blog post should contain at least one internal link that goes back to an older or more relevant blog post on your website. For example, if you need blog writing services from 100% English freelance writers, check out our package pricing!

A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Finally, don't forget to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your blog post. This is what readers will do after reading everything you've written! You can ask them to leave feedback or subscribe - whatever it may be, make sure they know that there's more on your site and encourage them to take a look!

Use High-Quality Photos And Videos

A blog post with a picture is more likely to get clicked on. People are visual creatures by nature, so draw them in with high-quality photos! You can even use relevant videos that correspond to your topic or theme - make sure they're short and well-edited.

Don't Give Up

You've got this! Keep at it and enjoy the process. Building up an audience or ranking your blog post may take time, but don't give up. One day you'll find yourself writing a blog post that gets hundreds of shares and is seen as helpful or inspiring to someone!

Now Get Started

Now, write your first blog post! Created a successful blog begins with you! So, take action and write that blog post! You will be glad you did, and who knows where your blog could be in 6 months or even a year.

There are 14 tips for getting started with blogging: search engine optimization (SEO), blog writing, blogging frequency, proofreading your post, responding to comments and questions from readers or followers on social media - ask them what they want to see in the future blog posts.

Also, use keywords that will help a search engine find you easily when someone searches for something related to your content. Write articles based on the topic about which you're passionate and engaging your readers by being authentic. Finally, make sure to promote your blog posts on social media!

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