Ways Businesses Benefit From Blogging

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Blogging can help your business grow traffic and attract new customers while building customer loyalty. The aim is to continuously add value by publishing well-written informative articles with strategy and customer engagement as the focus. What's so lovely about blogging?

These offer benefits years after being issued. The more blogs you write or have written from a writing agency, the more advantages you'll get. And all need to be written with SEO in mind - something we cover in this article so read on!

Why your business needs a blog?

Boost your Google rankings. You could have the most beautiful website globally, but without enough traffic, you won't generate leads or sales. A blog is an easy way to drive more qualified traffic to your site for free or low cost with a writing agency.

Increase customer loyalty

Customers are one of your greatest assets, so don't ignore them! Your blogs can help build customer loyalty by providing content they want.

Attract new customers

Did you know that businesses that blog get twice the traffic of the companies that don't?

People want to find out more about your business and what you offer. And if it's excellent, they'll buy from you! This is where blogging comes in to attract new customers to your product or service offering.

In addition, blogs can help make people aware of who you are & what products/services you offer through your writing.

Blogging boosts SEO rankings

As you know, Google loves fresh content. That's why blogging can help your business rank in search results for competitive keywords and drive more organic traffic to your site - all free of charge!

Blogging is never out-of-date. Did you know businesses with blogs have an average of 14 posts on their blog? It means that people can come back to your blog time and again throughout the year. In return, the more traffic you get to your site, the more dominant you will be in the search rankings.

Show and Tell what your business can do

Blogging is a great way to show and tell what your business can do for customers. For example, if you're in the service sector, blogging about solving common problems such as "how to fix my roof" or "what's the best model of clothes dryer" will give people confidence that you know what you are talking about.

So blogging can help your business grow traffic and attract new customers while building customer loyalty by having a blog informative with strategy and engagement as the focus. These offer benefits years after being published. The more websites you write to have advantages for growth in revenue & attracting people and examples!

How to generate leads from our blog

Blogging can help businesses generate more traffic to their site, ultimately leading to increased sales. However, blogging alone won't create new business opportunities. That's why you must have a plan in place before starting with blogging if you want to get the best results possible and avoid wasting your time in the process.

As you can see, blogging is a great way to help your business grow and attract new customers by planning before starting. Here are some tips on how to get started!

Steps for creating blog content that generates leads

Identify what your ideal customer looks like. What kind of customers are you looking for? What are their age range, gender, and income level? How does your perfect customer spend their time online- what websites do they visit most often.

How to attract the right clients

Your content should be written in a way that speaks directly to your target audience by using keywords that they would use when searching for the services you offer. What tone should your blog have? Should it be professional or informal? Your overall goal is to generate leads, so keep this in mind when writing!

Promote your content

Once you've written a post, promote it on social media sites but don't just tweet about what you wrote- tell them why they need to read your blog! Offer them a freebie or an incentive to get their attention.

Advertise on other blogs

Find sites similar to yours and offer up a post for cross-promotion. This will expand the reach of both your business blogs, plus you can use it as another way to generate leads from your content!

You can position yourself as an expert in your field

By blogging about what your business does and how it helps people. Here are some ideas on blog topics you should write about if you want to generate leads for your company:

How-to posts

These types of articles give readers the tools they need to solve problems such as "how to get rid of mice" or "how to clean a mattress."

How-to posts are viral, but there is one caveat - it's not enough to give people the steps they need to take. You also have to explain why your solution works so well and include images, links, etc. If you can do that, this post will be a great asset for growing traffic and increasing sales.

Case studies

This type of article allows you to show off your business by sharing success stories that highlight how much it has helped clients over time.

There are two types of case study content: company-specific and customer-specific. If you go with a company-specific approach, then use generalized language so as not to alienate potential customers.

If you decide to use a customer-specific approach, then make sure that the client has permission before publishing the content because there is nothing worse than seeing your name in an article without being asked if it's okay for others to read about your experience. With a company!


This type of content is great for positioning your company that other organizations recognize.

This approach works well if you want to show off the awards or recognition you've received. Still, it can also be effective when showcasing something like an employee of the month award. It shows potential customers that real people are behind your business who care about their satisfaction with your products and services.

Give your business results long after the initial post

Writing blog content is just the first step in attracting new customers to your business, but it's only half of what you need for this process. The second part of blogging that generates leads is building a strategy that will keep people interested long after they've read the initial post, so here are some ways to achieve this:

Post-high-quality images

People like looking at pretty pictures, so make sure your posts are filled with them to keep their interest. High-quality photos help break up a blog post. By doing this the reader is less likely to leave the blog post or website early. Quality pictures keep the reader engaged and prompts them to keep reading. The longer you can keep the visitor on your site the more it helps your search rankings!

Create a lead magnet (a free bonus for people who opt-in)

A great way to capture leads is by giving away something of value that will encourage readers to provide you with their email addresses and contact information so they can receive the bonus. A lead magnet can be anything from a free guide to an exclusive video or even a discount code for your products/services- it's really up to you!

Make sure your email marketing campaigns are on point

A great way to keep people coming back is by sending them regular updates that include blog posts, promotions, and other things you've added to your business blog. This is a great way to keep customers engaged long after the initial post has been read, and it's straightforward for people to subscribe, so make sure that they can do this in a prominent place on all of your posts!

Keep track of comments

People like interacting with sites with a community aspect, so make sure you keep track of comments to respond to questions, thank people for their feedback and show your appreciation!

Keep an eye out for new opportunities

The Internet changes very quickly, so you must stay on top of trends to see how they can help boost traffic. Many tools are available, but a straightforward way to do this is by setting up Google Alerts to stay on top of any new developments.

For example, if your company's blog focuses on marketing, you should set alerts for the latest news to see what trends are emerging or changing. This will help give people an idea of where the industry is headed and how they might capitalize on it.

Be consistent

The best way to keep people coming back is by creating a schedule that allows them to know precisely when they can expect new content, so make sure you create one and stick with it! For example, if your blog focuses on marketing, post every Thursday at noon EST because this will give readers an idea of when they can expect to see new content on your site.

Make sure that you are consistent with posting times, days, and even the length of blog posts because this gives readers an idea of what type of schedule they should keep to stay up-to-date!

Build your network within your niche

The best way to generate more leads is by getting your name out there within the industry you're targeting because this will give potential customers a reason to visit your site.

For example, suppose you run an animal shelter. People in that sector need to know about your blog, so sharing things on social media and networking with other people in the industry is essential.

These are some ways to keep people interested long after they've read your initial post so make sure you use them all! Make a schedule, give away free bonuses and stay up-to-date on trends to make blogging for business easy.

Blogging builds your brand and company voice

Blogging is a great way to keep your business relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends. A blog is also a great place to show off your expertise in an industry by posting articles that give readers valuable information that they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. This will help build trust within your target market and show off your personality, so it's a great way to keep people engaged long after they've finished reading!


Overall, blogging is a great way to get new customers and increase your search rankings with the top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In addition, blogging is a great way to build trust with customers and helps you stay relevant. It's also an easy way for potential leads to get the information they need, so make sure your blog works hard by using these tips!

If you are interested in getting consistent blog content for your business website, then don't hesitate to reach out to Writers On Demand for pricing.

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